Monday, October 31, 2011


There are three days of the calendar year that I look particularly forward to…

1.       My  Birthday
2.       Wrestlemania

And today… Halloween.

So I thought I would be remiss in not taking a moment to acknowledge this day and some of my personal favorite memories of it.

As a child I of course loved Trick-Or-Treating. I spent my early youth living in Elmhurst which was a great place for Trick-Or-Treating.

I’ve always to this day appreciated homes that really go all out for Halloween. Decorating the yard and the whole house for that one night when the kids came. A well decorated house was usually indicative of a home that’d be giving out some decent candy too. So it was a big score.

Then of course you’d get pissy if you got some candy you didn’t like, or someone would answer the door and tell you they don’t do Halloween; which is a dick move. Don’t give out pennies, or granola bars if you don’t want to participate in Halloween. Don’t be THAT person, and don’t answer your door to explain to kids that you refuse to give them candy.

Anyway I digress…

Then when I moved to Lombard I lived in the Yorktown Apartments/Condo complex on the south end of Lombard. Far from the real “neighborhoods” which were ideal for the traditional Trick-Or-Treating experience, but what we lacked in atmosphere the Yorktown kids made up in volume.

There were on average about 60 units per building with about 8 or so buildings we had access to. Weather was never an issue as we were inside the whole time so we could wear our costumes without coats or any of that shit.  Each unit was about 10 feet away from the next so we were able to maximize our candy grabbing efficiency to the point where we’d have to literally stop back home after each building to drop off candy and empty our bags. We’d pull in WAY more candy than most other kids.

Eventually our friends started picking up on our little secret and wanted to come with us, and with each year we got more people joining us.

Trick-Or-Treating aside there were of course the horror movie marathons, television specials, and music that added to the holiday.

By the time we had moved out of Yorktown I was “too old” to be Trick-Or-Treating, but I never lost my love of the holiday. The Halloween dances in high school were my favorite to go to. Between the costumes everyone would wear at school that day and at the dance it was always great to see what people would come up with. It was one day where the social classes didn’t seem to matter.

Post H.S from 1999 to present day I’ve had a Halloween party every year.

My apartment has always been very Halloween oriented year round. With the exception of the Christmas season you’ll find orange and purple lights up around my place at any given point in the year, as well as other Halloween decorations.

Like most holidays it’s the spirit of the holiday that fuels my passion for it.

So to all of you out there in The T3 Universe who share my love for the holiday…


Sunday, October 30, 2011

The T3 Universe


Welcome… to The T3 Universe.

This will be home to all of my various creative outlets. From my personal training business, music, art, television, vloging, bloging, as well as any and all future thoughts, rants, and other creative endeavors that are forthcoming.

The T3 Universe is vast and endless. It's comprised not only of myself but all those who are a part of my world. It's a family... a community of creative people that I'm hoping will only grow with each passing day.

I humbly share all of these efforts with you in the hopes you will be educated, entertained, intrigued, or inspired by them.

And so it’s with open arms, and a loving heart I welcome YOU…

To the T3 Universe.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


The first movie that ever scared the shit out of me was Poltergeist.

I was 4 or 5.

My parents told me to stay in my room while they watched it.

I didn't listen.

I snuck out of my room... went down the hall... I peered around the corner to see what they were watching.

The first thing I saw was a kid look under his bed, and a clown came out from under the bed... grabbed the kid... and pulled him kicking and screaming underneath. Proceeding to strangle the kid with it's long boa constrictor like arms, as the kid screamed his unheard pleas for help while his mother was in her room oblivious to it all while blow drying her hair.

I lost my shit.

My parents were like "We told you not to watch this and stay in your room!". They were absolutely right. I should have heeded their fucking advice. Cause I ...WAS... SCARED... SHITLESS!!!


So... I of course did not feel that I would be safe in my bed until SOMEONE... other than myself... looked underneath to make sure there were no evil fucking clowns under there ready to drag my ass into some hellish abyss... that I never even knew existed until I saw it on TV. 

So... enter my Father.

My Mother tells him to look under my bed. To put my mind at ease so that I would not be keeping them up all night as I sobbed in terror at what may lie underneath my place of slumber I once felt so secure in.

He gets down on the floor... 
Gets about half way under the bed and ...



I lost my shit!

While my Father thought this was absolutely hysterical, my Mother felt otherwise...

She was not happy.

Many may wonder if I have an aversion to clowns on account of what might seem like a traumatic experience for a 4 or 5 year old boy.

The answer is no.

I think clowns are awkward, and to some end make me uncomfortable. But I do not fear your average run of the mill party/parade/street clown. I have yet to meet a clown whose ass I didn't think I could kick on the street. So I feel quite safe in the presence of clowns. Generally they're nice to me.

Occasionally even give me a balloon animal :)

But if I ever look under my bed and one fucking jumps out at me...

I'll most likely lose my shit.