Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opti-Free "Replenish" VS Opti-Free "Express"

OPTI-FREE makes two separate contact lens solutions...

OPTI-FREE "Replenish"


OPTI-FREE "Express"

Now, I have read the list of features on each of these products. I can't find one difference. They make all the same claims. I've read the directions... they're exactly the same. They come in the same size, and cost the same amount of money.

I have often found myself staring at the two of these... looking for any small detail that differentiates one from the other so that I can better choose the product best suited for my needs. Nothing. I've tried them both. I can't give you any definitive difference in performance from one to the other. Yet it haunts me... what IS the difference??!!

So I took them up to the pharmacists at the store. Two of them stood there looking them over... they had no answer. They too were stumped.  

There MUST be a difference... right? If not, then why consistently sell them both as separate items, and stock them right next to one another?

Monday, November 1, 2010


So, last night I saw SAW 3D...

I had never seen any of these movies before, but I have to say... I like Jigsaw's style.

As sick as it may sound, I understand and can relate to this villain. Everyone he kills he has a pretty valid reason for it. Perhaps they don't deserve the gruesome death they receive for their crimes, but at least he can justify it to some end. Not to mention he takes the time to explain to them why he's doing what he's doing. In all fairness to him, he does give them all the opportunity to get out of it. It might mean losing a limb, or some other horrific experience... but it's not your typical mindless killing that guys like Jason and Freddie dish out, and generally speaking they deserve what's comin' to em'.

Too many in this world get away with things that hurt others that can scar people for life either physically or emotionally. I like seeing someone get what's coming to them for once.

Without giving away any of the movie... the opening sequence I thought was the most righteous and justified kill in it.

If I were ever to go so far as to kill somebody, and had the means I would definitely want to do it Jigsaw style. He makes them have to think about what they've done, he makes their deaths slow, painful, and just absolutely flawless. Whatever it is he has lined up for them... if they can't get out of it... they will most definitely die from it. Now I don't know where he gets the funding for these elaborate traps, and torture devices, but if I had the means... this would definitely be my style of choice.

I have always said that I am not above revenge. There is a list of people I'd like to see have to pay for their transgressions against me. I would want them to know I was the one doing it. I would want them to know the pain and suffering they've caused me, and have to suffer worse in order to survive or die trying. Given the funding I could most definitely put together some pretty creative death traps for these people based on what they've done to me.

Chris Rock had a routine years ago about O.J. killing his wife where he says "I ain't sayin' he should've killed her... but I understand".

Now... I ain't sayin' Jigsaw should be going around killing people... but I understand.