Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opti-Free "Replenish" VS Opti-Free "Express"

OPTI-FREE makes two separate contact lens solutions...

OPTI-FREE "Replenish"


OPTI-FREE "Express"

Now, I have read the list of features on each of these products. I can't find one difference. They make all the same claims. I've read the directions... they're exactly the same. They come in the same size, and cost the same amount of money.

I have often found myself staring at the two of these... looking for any small detail that differentiates one from the other so that I can better choose the product best suited for my needs. Nothing. I've tried them both. I can't give you any definitive difference in performance from one to the other. Yet it haunts me... what IS the difference??!!

So I took them up to the pharmacists at the store. Two of them stood there looking them over... they had no answer. They too were stumped.  

There MUST be a difference... right? If not, then why consistently sell them both as separate items, and stock them right next to one another?

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