Monday, October 8, 2012

The T3 Universe LIVE Ep. 5: Kandi Rich "Artist Extraordinaire" !!!

On the 5th episode of The T3 Universe LIVE we are joined by "Artist Extraordinaire" Ms. Kandi Rich!!!

Kandi comes on to talk about her artistic beginnings, her obscure Halloween costumes, the 366 day art challenge she's taking, and her new and improved website featuring her work! She gives 3 pieces of her artwork away LIVE on the show, AND also takes her very first shot of Bacardi 151... TWICE! 

Kandi's art the LIVE T3 Universe audience won!!!

The Bill O'Reilly portrait Kandi painted for me

The logo Kandi designed for RESISTANCE Pro Wrestling's very own Eric St. Vaughn!!!


A monk drew this "Queen Kandice"

Someone anonymously sent me this Halloween floral arrangement! Thank you to whomever it was!!!

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