Sunday, December 18, 2005

2 A Day & A Second Show?

Well I'm entering my last month of, "the easy part", of training for this competition...

Around the last week of January, my schedule will change from 6 workouts a week to 12. In the mornings, it will be my regular weight training, and then the evenings will be intense cardio and abs. I'll be doing around an hour and a half of cardio, and about a half hour of abs. So I'll be clocking in about 4 hours a day in the gym, times 6 days a week... that's about 24 hours of training a week. Which I guess doesn't sound that bad on paper... but it's going to be rough. I'll have to keep this shit up until May 6th. I want to begin the 2 workouts a day routine a few weeks before my diet starts, so that I'm not doing it all at once. It would be a lot to handle. So if I can get myself into the groove with the workout routine, then the diet won't be quite as daunting.

So, until then, I'll just enjoy these "easy" days of heavy lifting.

In talking to some of the other guys at the gym about my competition, I've also learned that there is another competition a week later... "The Mid-Illinois". They're all telling me I should do that show too, as I will be in shape and dieted for it, and it's only one week after my first show. On paper it makes sense... but that's a decision I'll make the day of my first competition. If I'm really dying, and want to eat food and drink water again, then I'll say fuck it. If I'm actually handling the diet ok, then I may tough it out for one more week, and do the second show. I'll have gotten my first two shows under my belt within a week.

But like I said... we'll fuckin' see.

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