Thursday, January 5, 2006

Time Off

Well, I'm falling apart...

I'm forcing myself to take the next week off entirely from the gym. I've been going just about non-stop with heavy lifting, 6 days a week, since July. With the exception of my week in Florida. Which I came back from strong, feeling great... which you'd think would be a sign.

My right side of my body has been giving out on me lately. My right shoulder failed me entirely the other day when I was benching, my right elbow has been in pain, my right knee has been hurting a lot... my joints are getting sick of all this shit. The thing that sucks is that I really only have a few more weeks of heavy lifting to go, I wish I could have made it a few more weeks before having to ease up, because I would have had to anyway. I'll soon be changing my workouts from heavy weight and low reps, to lighter weight and high reps. But this is a necessary rest, otherwise I risk injury, which will fuck me in the big picture.

Allowing myself rest time has always been a problem for me. It's a mental thing. I feel like if I'm not in the gym training, I'm wasting time. But the fact is that your body cannot grow, if you do not allow it the time, and rest to. I know this, I'm very well aware of this, yet I cannot seem to keep my ass out of the gym. It becomes such a part of your daily routine, that you don't feel right if you haven't done it. Regardless, I need to allow myself some time to rest, heal, and grow. So for the rest of the week I'm staying out of the gym entirely and taking the time to work on other projects in my life, that I otherwise wouldn't have the time for.

Through out the week, I'll continue to maintain my creatine levels, my protein intake, and am adding glucosomine into the mix in an effort to repair my worn joints.

I'll return next week, and I'll take it easy. I'll ease my way back into things, and when I feel I can take the heavy weight again, I'll be all over it. But like I said, I'll be changing things up soon anyway.

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