Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Time Off

Well, I attempted to return to the gym this week with poor results. My shoulder was a little better, but was still acting up. Same with my elbow. But my right knee is the biggest issue. It hurts as only an injured knee does. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's injured, but it's severely worn. I can feel it just walking, let alone if I put any additional weight on it other than my own. A bum knee means a few things for me at this point. Without a healthy functioning knee, not only can I not train legs, but I can't do any cardio on it. Which in about 3 more weeks will be the majority of my time in the gym.

So, I'm taking off the rest of this week entirely. To allow my shoulder, and elbow to heal even more, and allow my knee as much rest and recoup as possible. Using my knee wraps, I'm wrapping ice packs around it on and off all day, every day. I'll continue to take my glucosomine to help heal the joints. If I can get it into some kind of reasonable working condition, then all the time off, and time lost in the gym will be worth it. Because, if I were to go in and push it right now, I'd risk officially injuring it, and then be out of the competition all together. Hopefully this will all just be a minor setback I'll look back on as something I overcame to get me to the show. I'm not too worried, just a little frustrated.

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