Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Hate Marching Bands

Despite the fact that many of my friends were in our high school marching band, I can't stand marching bands...

I think it is just the most obnoxious music on the face of the planet. There are 3 kinds of music in this world I have no room for... Smooth jazz, Christian music, and marching bands.

It's especially sickening when they try to cover songs like "Jungle Boogie" or "Brick House". It just makes me want to puke. How did such an awful form of music ever become a standard?

I always thought it was bullshit too that the marching band got letters for their school jackets. Aside from some well choreographed formations they do while they drill through your brain with that awful sound... what the hell do they do to earn a letter?!

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