Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three's A Crowd

Well I just finished another television series... "Three's A Crowd". A short lived spin off of "Three's Company".

"Three's A Crowd" follows the life of Jack Tripper after moving out with his previous two female roommates. Now he's living with a girl, Vicki, who he his madly in love with, but who refuses to marry him despite his many proposals. Vicki's father is co-owner of "Jack's Bistro"... Jack's French Restaurant. Her father disapproves of Jack and Vicki living together out of wedlock, as do most people who realize their living situation. A sign of the times.

Jack is joined in his bistro by an assistant chef who is an early 80's surfer dude named EZ. Who lives in his van outside the bistro, and has the stereotypical surfer dude vernacular.

The show goes episode to episode with various mishaps that Jack gets in. Nothing ever too exciting. The show was canceled before any real closure could be brought to the series.

Not the most exciting show I've ever watched. But I enjoy watching these obscure spin-offs that have fallen into the black of television obscurity.

In spite of thorough searches, I could not find a video of the intro of the show... but it's pretty ridiculous.

I give this series a 2 out of 5.

I'm still waiting for The Ropers to finish downloading... until then... it's on to "Maude".

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