Friday, August 13, 2010


So this morning I was leaving the gym, and on my way out was picking up a case of protein drinks for one of my clients. They are glass bottles that come in a case of 12. There was a display of them in various flavors... cases stacked up pyramid style. So naturally the flavor I was looking for was at the bottom of said pyramid. 

Logically the way to get at it is to take the cases off of the top until you get down to the one you want. Just as I'm about to start doing this... the Manager, Dan, comes over and asks me if I need help with anything. I told him I was just gonna snag that case of protein. He goes, "Oh, here I'll get that for you", and just pulls it out from under the pyramid sending cases of glass bottles crashing to the ground! I had out of instinct went to try and catch one of the cases before it hit the ground, and the shattered glass cut my finger in 3 places. It started gushing blood immediately.

Dan and I go behind the counter and he busts out the first aid kit. He obviously doesn't know much about first aid... he wrapped it in gauze, and then covered it in band aids. Like a 3 year old might if they were playing doctor. I was on my way to work, so when I got to my first client I had to take some tape and wrap it a little tighter. I re-dressed it when I got home. Now I'm doing everything one handed... including writing this.

Luckily I've known Dan for a long time, and he's a good guy if not too bright. He was very apologetic. I told him it was all good. He gave me a free bottle of protein for the trouble of slicing my finger open.

And that's how my day started...

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