Thursday, August 26, 2010

31 Years... Of Tommy Else

Well, today is my 31st, birthday…

The past 10 years have been possibly the most difficult of my entire life. I can be pretty negative here on my blog. I know… But hey, isn’t that what blogs are for? Bitching about the world while hiding comfortably behind a computer screen?

Well, I thought rather than sit, and re-hash all of the negatives from the past 10 years  I would celebrate the positives.

Since I was 21 a lot has happened…

·         I’ve spent the last 10 years in an apartment that has been more of a home to me than I’ve ever known. Lots of ups, lots of downs, and LOTS of parties.
·         I learned to kind of play guitar, write, and record original songs.
·         I’ve played live shows.
·         I developed a love and passion for the WWE which honestly got me through some of the hardest times in the past 10 years. It provided me the distraction I needed from the pain I felt, and the inspiration to get off my ass and do something with my life. Honestly… I credit the WWE for all of that.
·         My Stepmother Andrea came into my life and along with her an immediate extended family who has always been great to me, my Dad, my brother, and my little sister.
·         I’ve seen countless concerts of some incredible bands, and seen the WWE LIVE over 10 times now including getting to go to Wrestlemania 22!!!
·         I’ve made new friends…
·         I got to attend my 10 year high school reunion which was awesome.
·         I’ve reconnected with old friends, and relatives whom I thought I’d never see again.
·         I was blessed with the birth of a baby sister Olivia whom I love so much.
·         I’ve seen many close friends get married, and some have children.
·         I got to see my Father complete the Florida Iron Man Triathalon.
·         I spent my birthday last year in San Francisco with Pete Gerharz.
·         I’ve watched my brother grow into an INCREDIBLE musician, both as a recording artist, and live performer. He is a good man, and a great brother whom I love very much.
·         I competed in my very first bodybuilding competition, and 2 more since then. Placing in the top 5, three times.
·         I began a career in personal training which led to me starting my own business. I’ve also have had the pleasure of befriending all of my clients, as they are all wonderful people.
·         I am currently co-writing a book with my good friend Rev. John Dolan about depression. It tells both of our individual stories, it’s effect on us, and our loved ones. Our intentions are to bring hope to those who also suffer from it, and educate those who don’t, so that they may be better equipped to be there for friends and family who do.
·         I most recently had the honor of standing up in my best friend’s wedding, which was truly one of the greatest things ever, and now last night got to see their baby daughter for the first time… Incredible…

These are just some of the highlights… There have been many more.

But as I sit here the morning of my 31st Birthday… for all that the past 10 years have brought… the highs and the lows… I am grateful for what I have today. I am grateful to be alive, and in good health. To be able to sit here and reflect upon the wonderful events of the past, and look forward to many more to come in the future.

I want to take a moment to say something to my friends… The O’Connors, Mike Else, The Bodnar Brothers, Marousek, The Bachs, Rizzi, Steve, The Millers, Ian… and all the rest.

If I died today, I’d want you all to know how much I truly love you all. How important you all are to me, and what your friendship has meant to me. I could never put into words how I feel about you all. You are my family.

Also, if for some reason I do die today… I would like to be buried with my WWE Championship belt around my waist.

So there it is… 31 years… Bam! In the books! Now I start the next chapter in the life of Tommy Else. Who knows what I’ll have to report a year from now. Your whole life can change in a minute, let alone a year, but I look forward to what lies ahead.

So with that I will leave you with my single favorite song in this whole world, by my favorite band in the whole world… which just happens to be titled after the same year I was born…

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