Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Plant: Jenny

I've had Jenny for about 8 or 9 years now. She was named after a friend of mine who gave her to me. I had never had a plant before. When I got her she came in a little cup. Over the years I've slowly moved her into bigger pots. I know some plants will get as big as the pot you plant them in. She seems to be one of them.

Admittedly I have not always given her the attention she deserves, and she has stood at death's door on many... many occasions. There were times I didn't think she'd pull through, but apparently a little water goes a long way. So 8 or 9 years later she's still kickin'.

She has been outgrowing her pot though, so I decided to re-pot her today. She was also long overdue for some new soil. This is probably the biggest pot I'll get while I still live in my current apartment. I'm hoping to move in the next year or two, and when I do I'm gonna get a big ass floor pot and grow her as big as I can.

I know she looks kind of stuffed in there right now... but give her a week and she'll blow right out of that pot. Then I'll post an update.

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