Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paying At The Pump: No Longer Convenient

Paying for gas at the pump in no longer faster or convenient. In fact it’s become less convenient.

They hit you up with so  many fucking questions on a slow ass system that you spend 2 minutes standing there answering questions after you swipe your card. I want to swipe it, put gas in my car, and get back on the road. THAT’S convenient.

Instead, you have to tell it debit or credit… wait 20 seconds for it to think about it, enter your zip code… wait some more… car wash?... wait some more… THEN you can start putting gas in your car.


I could take $30 inside, say pump 4 and start pumping my gas in a fraction of the time. No questions… no bullshit.

 So, paying at the pump has gone from being a great convenience to a pain in the ass. Especially when you’re standing outside taking this quiz in 9 degree weather.

So fuck it.

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