Monday, March 7, 2011

My WWE Collection

My WWE collection started in 2001 when I got hooked on the WWE. 

I have over 30 WWE T-shirts along with a few hoodies, long sleeves, and a vintage NWO Starter jacket.

My WWE DVD collection consists of every single Pay-Per-View from 2001 to date, along with "Best Of" collections, and other documentaries. I also picked up the new WWE Rumblers figurines which are seated atop the DVD's currently.

Throughout my place are various PPV posters I've collected over the years... These are what are up right now. I have more, but only so much wall space.

My Championship Title Belts are my pride and joy of my collection. As of right now I only have the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Someday I'd like to have every belt ever.

The WWE Championship

The World Heavyweight Championship

While my apartment is littered with WWE stuff, but my bathroom is actually the room I have dedicated the most to the WWE. Featuring action figures, posters, and WWE PPV ads from the past decade. All laminated so as to withstand the humidity.

A few points of interest...

I had this made to commemorate Eugene defeating Kurt Angle for his gold medals in his "Kurt Angle Invitational". I have a buddy who is a huge Angle fan, and when this happened I had this made just to piss him off.

I of course must have a Y2J: Chris Jericho action figure...

I have several heavy rubbermaid bins full of WWE, and the now defunct Raw & Smackdown magazines from 2001 to present.

These are all just some highlights of what I have. There is much too much to take pictures of it all. Some things are in storage, and there's a little this and that all over my place... but this gives you the jist of what kind of WWE fan I am.

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  1. Wow! What a collection, very impressive. But I think I might have trouble functioning & doing girl stuff in your bathroom.