Friday, October 7, 2005

Tom Else: Heavyweight

Well I finally got my hands on the official competition rules, so that I could figure out what weight class I should shoot for. I had initially planned on entering the light heavyweight class, but today I found out that the light heavyweight class cuts off at 198 1/4 lbs. Well I'm around 228lbs right now, with the intent on getting bigger by the show. There's no way that I have 30lbs of fat on me to lose. I couldn't do it, not without losing muscle along the way. It's like trying to squeeze into a tight pair of jeans... it's just not going to happen. If I could have somehow competed in the light heavyweight class, I may have had a real good chance of placing in the top 5.

However, now I will end up qualifying for the heavyweight class, which is 198 1/4lbs and up. Which means I'll be up there with all of the biggest guys in the competition, on the low end of the weight class. So basically... I'm fucked. Like, I don't see how it's possible for me to even place in the show. Short of there being only 4 other heavyweights who enter. Which isn't going to happen. The heavyweight class averages between 10 - 20 guys.

But as I said when I started this, I'm not in it to win anything. It's all about the training. Just like you can't enter your first marathon expecting to win it. When one goes out to do something like this the first time, the goal needs to simply be to do it.

Plus you never know what could happen between now and May 6th, 2006. So I shall press on with the knowledge that I need to start getting seriously big.

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