Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Last Day Of Work Before The Show

Well, today was my last day at work before the show.

I got lots of good luck wishes from clients, as well as cards from them and co-workers. I have had TONS of support througout all of this from everyone, and I am very appreciative of it all. I cannot say that I went without the support of my friends and peers during this.

It's funny, because there's so many clients who I've taken on in the course of this, and they've never known me in any other state than the one I'm in now. My co-workers have never seen me eat anything other than turkey burgers.

They're all taking me out to lunch on Monday. That will be a trip for both them and me, as I've never gotten to go with them all when they go out for food.

It meant a lot to me to have all of the support from everyone today, and I'm just trying to ride the wave of momentum I've got going straight through the show.

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