Sunday, August 21, 2005

1000 Crunches

Well tonight I finally told my father about the competition. He was excited and supportive, as I knew he would be. He thinks I'll have to diet down to about 205 - 200lbs. at the most. He said he was going to talk to his friend, Dr. Michael J. Dusa about writing out my 12 week diet for me. Dr. Dusa is an old friend of my father's who has coached him through his previous competitions, and who I hung out with during the day at my father's competitions. He had written my father's diets for him when he competed, and he was always shredded. It's hard, but it goes with the territory. Dr. Dusa is a bodybuilding promoter himself in Conneticut, and had also been encouraging me to compete.

I also talked to my father about trimming down my mid-section. He said that 1000 crunches a day is an absolute sure fire way to get serious abs going. It sounds insane, but starting tomorrow I'll find out just how insane it is.

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