Friday, November 11, 2011

The Evolution Of The T3 Universe

So the T3-TV Facebook page has officially become The T3 Universe Facebook page. Between my T3-TV video antics, the SAVE_US.T3 LIVE show, T3-RADIO, and everything else that I’m involved in it’s near impossible for me to have facebook pages for all of them.

So I’ve officially housed them all under the umbrella of The T3 Universe. This blog is the center of said universe, but all of it’s facebook action was taking place on the T3-TV FB which is really only one piece of it all. So if you’ve noticed that you had LIKED T3-TV and now suddenly LIKE The T3 Universe… that’s why.

The Twitter account has also been changed to the new name as well. I’m pretty sure this will be the final format change to this ongoing experiment. Anything I do from here on in will fall under the umbrella of The T3 Universe.

Links to both the Facebook and Twitter accounts are available at the top of this blog.

I have no life… So I had to create my own Universe.


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