Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friends Of The T3 Universe

You may have noticed if you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page on the lower right hand side is a list of links to other pages. These are all friends of the T3 Universe. I thought I’d take a moment to call your attention to them and give you some FRESH SHIT to check out!


Professor Kliq (AKA Mike Else) is my extremely musically talented brother. He is by my best description an electronic composer. His resume of accomplishments is more than I could ever attempt to do justice to. He has composed several original albums, remixes, scores for television documentaries as well as commercials, and has played a significant role in creating various music programs at Columbia College. All of his music is available for FREE DOWNLOAD! So, by all means do go check it out!

My brother was good enough to be my guest on SAVE_US.T3 LIVE, and tells us about how he makes music, as well as how he distributes it in this age of the internet. Check out the episode to meet the kid in the headphones!


File Under Horrible is a site run by two fine gentlemen who go by the names of Bill & Jim. The site is dedicated to the good, the bad, and the horrible in pop culture, entertainment, and tech. The cornerstone of the site is their weekly podcast appropriately titled the FUHCast! Every Monday morning a new episode is unleashed upon the world wide web. As of this post their show is currently nominated in the Annual Podcast Awards for “Best Comedic Podcast”.

I’ve never been much of a podcast or talk radio person myself, but the topics they explore from movies, video games, comic books, the internet, and the latest tech keeps me up to speed on all the things I love but have so little time to indulge in. We’re from the same generation and so I relate greatly to their perspective on all these topics. And oh yeah… they’re pretty funny too. I highly recommend checking out an episode. Their show is available just about anywhere you can find a podcast as well as their site.

I was fortunate enough to get the boys from the FUHCast to join me on SAVE_US.T3 LIVE, so if you’d like to get to meet the men behind the podcast and learn more about it check out their episode!


My boy Quinn Alexander Bayola writes a column called “The Q Report” where he shares his thoughts and commentary on movies, the internet, and pop culture in general. I consider Quinn to be a very intelligent individual. His reports are straight forward, to the point, and pretty goddamned funny too! The Q report is relatively new, but long overdue in my opinion. I’m very glad that he’s taken this up and am looking forward to all the future Q Reports to come!!!

Quinn has been my welcome guest on SAVE_US.T3 LIVE twice! So if you’d like to get to know Q even more check out this episode!


Kung Fu Jonny is an internet web series that has in been in the making for over 2 years now, and filming is officially completed! Starring the talented actor/martial artist Jon Rodriquez it will be available for free to check out as soon as it releases. On a side note my aforementioned brother PROFESSOR KLIQ is scoring the entire series. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to take part in the series myself playing an evil thug named George.  I’ll keep the T3 Universe posted as to release dates and such once this epic endeavor officially hits the internet. In the meantime you can check out the trailer for the series on their site at:

You can also learn more about the project, and meet the star in this episode of SAVE_US.T3 LIVE!


Don Thompson has what some may call… a LOVE of beer. For years he’s kept a blog chronicling various brews he’s gathered from around the world and shares his reviews of them. It’s rare that I ever see anyone keep up a blog so consistently for so long so it truly has become a veritable catalog of beer. If you love beer half as much as Don does, or may even be looking for a review of a specific brew there’s a pretty good chance he’s covered it so check it out!

Meet Don and learn more about his love for beer on this episode of SAVE_US.T3 LIVE!

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