Tuesday, November 22, 2011

T3's Book Review: "Toxic Parents" - Dr. Susan Forward

Aside from autobiographies I enjoy reading books on psychology as well. I suppose it’s an attempt to try to understand myself, and who I am. I also feel like it allows me to better understand the clients I train. Understanding other people’s mindsets and perspectives is an overlooked area of my line of work. To really be able to help someone I feel you need to try to put yourself in their shoes the best you can.

Toxic Parents was a book that was recommended to me by someone who is familiar with the circumstances of my relationships with both of my parents respectively.

I found it not only insightful as someone who feels they are the product of “toxic parents”, but I also felt it offers some great ideas and principles on parenting; things that I’d be more aware of should I get to be a parent myself someday.

The term “Toxic Parents” as used in this book encompasses parents who are neglectful, overbearing, physically/sexually/mentally abusive, alcoholics/drug users, and more.

The author Dr. Susan Forward talks about how parents’ behavior shapes you as a person, and how to find your own identity in spite of their influence. Confronting parents, coping with the loss of parents with whom you may have unresolved issues with, and learning to let go if need be.

I found this book to be very well written, enlightening, and can honestly say that I have without regret utilized lessons learned from this book in my own life.

T3 Rating 5/5

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