Monday, November 21, 2011

T3's Book Review: "Absolute Mayhem" - Monica Mayhem

I really enjoy autobiographies. As I’m currently in the midst of releasing my own they are very inspiring to me. While generally I read a lot of pro wrestler autobiographies I decided to go a different route this time, and read one about a porn star who performs under the name of Monica Mayhem.

Monica is (in this man’s opinion) is a very attractive Welsh girl who was raised in Australia by an abusive alcoholic mother.

I know… this sounds like the beginning of every porn star’s story. The abused child, messed up, and got into porn.

I found her story to be more than that. While that type of scenario is definitely stereo-typical for girls in the porn industry; hearing the details and steps that took her from a neglectful and lonely upbringing to a full blown American porn star is much more fascinating than you might think. I actually found that I could relate to her very well. Though I've had much different experiences in my own life, their effects on me and my outlook of the world are very much in line with Monica's. I think relating to her as much as I did drew me into the book all the more.

Monica tells the story of how she went from being very successful in the world of high finance working for Smith-Barney to filming 3 ways, featured strip shows, a role in the “Sex In The City” movie, and inevitably writing this book.

Monica writes about the monthly anxieties of awaiting her monthly STD test results, dating fellow co-stars, the effect of her profession on her personal relationships, her practice of the Wiccan religion, her dreams of being a rock star, and her future in mainstream acting roles.

I found it to be an interesting insight into the life of someone who made pornography her career, the business itself, it’s inner workings, and all of the social/physical/psychological trials and tribulations that come along with porn stardom.

T3 RATING: 4/5

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