Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Next Day...

Well this morning I got up, and went in for my half hour of cardio... Man, it kicked my ass. I was exhausted from the day before. Within the first minute on there my quads were exhausted, and wanted to just stop. I somehow made it through the half hour on the stairmaster, and then dragged my ass home, so that I could finally have some breakfast. I couldn't believe I got through it.

I have to say that my lowfat yogurt in the morning is quickly becoming the highlight of my daily diet. With only 60 calories, and 5 grams of protein... it's nice. You can squeeze a few of those into a meal, and maybe use one for desert at night. Compared to the bland tasteless shit you eat all day, the yogurt is an explosion of fruity flavor in your mouth!

When I went in for my second workout of the day, I was dreading hitting those stairs again... Suprisingly enough I blasted right through those things. I don't know... but it was a lot better. So hopefully I'm adapting to the high levels of cardio, and then it won't be a big deal... currently it is the most unpleasant part of my training.

I can tell already though, that after this is all said and done, my regular diet is definitely going to change. For as tired as I am right now, and as sore... I still feel pretty good... clean. I feel a lot less sluggish. Which is something I didn't realize I was until I started feeling this way. Not to mention I'm getting so much more protein in my diet currently. Had I been eating cleaner sooner, I may have been able to come in bigger than I did. In bodybuilding there's always things like that you'll discover about yourself, that you wish you had figured out years earlier. Then you think about how much bigger you could be.

But... better to find out at all, rather than never.

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