Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Plan

Well... after consulting with my Father on how to handle this situation with my knee we've decided to go the route of cutting calories sooner than later. This will be rough... but necessary.

I won't do any cardio at all for the next two weeks. I'll replace my morning cardio with an additional abs session, so that I'll be doing some minor level of cardio work, and increasing the amount of time put into my abs along the way. I also won't train legs for the next two weeks either. Then after the two weeks, I'll come back light, and ease my way back into things cautiously.

After the two weeks, I'll come back to doing the stairs, but on a much lighter setting. I was cranking on level 8 before, I'll come back at level 3.

I will also continue to ice my knee 3 times a day.

This unfortunately still leaves an air of uncertainty about things... but I have to try whatever I can to get me to that show.

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