Saturday, April 29, 2006

1 Week Out!!!

Well, this is it...

I guess it was bound to come at some point. 1 week from today is the competition. Everyone keeps telling me, "Well you only have one week left!". The thing is... this is going to be the toughest week of the whole thing. Today I begin running on zero carbs until Friday. Then I'll carb up to about 150, but then I drop my water and dehydrate.

I've taken off this Thursday and Friday from work so that I can prepare for the show, both mentally and physically. I'm still working the kinks out of my posing routine. I'll be heading over to my Father's tomorrow to have him take a look at it, and me. I've got the routine down at this point. I need to work on foot and arm postitioning. Posing is not easy, contrary to popular opinion. If an arm or a leg is in the wrong place it can shift the balance of the muscles in the rest of your body, and look lopsided. But I still have a week and hopefully can tighten it up by the show.

I weighed in today at 186lbs. I also have cooked my last batch of turkey burgers. The next time I go grocery shopping it will be for real food again.

I'll work out through Wednesday, and then that's it. I won't lift another weight until I'm in the pump up room at the show getting ready for judging. I'll probably be checking in here quite a bit throughout the next week, so stay tuned...

As I said before... this is it.

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