Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Posing Routine

Well, I just got back from my Father's. I had he and my stepmother watch my posing routine, and they both said it looks great. So I'm glad they think it looks good. I still have to tighten it up but it generally looks good now.

The posing routine is what everyone is essentially coming out to see. It's my one minute of time I get on stage. I come out, I stand on the X and hit all of my best poses to my music. So I want it to be as perfect as possible. You're not judged on it at all, but like I said it's what everyone is going to see, when I'm on stage for the 1 minute of time that everyone drove and hour and a half to come out there.

I really think I've been my toughest critic throughout this whole thing. My Father thinks I look great, and I'm ready for this. I still think I've got some tightening up to do, but we'll see what happens after I'm done zero carbing, and I drop my water. It's kind of a wait and see situation now.

I have gotten a lot of postive responses to the picture I posted of me 1 week out. I've recieved the following:

"Holy Shit!"
"Jesus Christ"

So that's good. I'd be more worried if people were saying:

"Yeah... I guess"
"I don't know buddy... when is the show?"

I'm really happy with the song I've chosen for my posing routine. I've last second found one I'd like to do as well, but maybe for the next show if there is one. But this one works for me on several different levels. I've tried my best to keep it under wraps until people hear it at the show when I do my routine.

We'll see how it goes. I'm more concerned with nailing that than anything else that day.

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