Saturday, April 1, 2006

5 Weeks Out

Well, I weighed in this morning at 199lbs. So I'm still on track with my weight.

I upped my carbs a bit the past few days, and my dizzy spells have ceased. So that's good. Once again the diet clamps down even more as week 5 gets underway. The weekends are hardest, when it comes to sticking to the diet. I have yet to falter, but when I'm at work moving around all day doing shit, I don't have time to think about it. The weekends I finally get to relax, and recoup from the week, but it also leaves me that time to think about being hungry. It's also harder to force the 1 gallon of water down each day. When I'm at the gym, or at work I'm drinking water non-stop.

Other than that there's not much left to report right now. This will be the last week of moderate difficulty in the diet... Week 4 is when we really get fucking serious.

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