Saturday, April 22, 2006

2 Weeks Out

It's hard to believe it's getting this close now to the show.

Right now the diet is going ok... my energy levels are managable. I think the excitment and anticipation of the show helps override any exhaustion I'd feel otherwise.

I still have some concerns however. My abs are not coming in the way I'd like them to. My legs are looking better, but still not quite what I was hoping for. These are obviously points I'll be focusing on once this whole thing is over. I'm long past the stage of being able to build any muscle. The diet doesn't allow your body to do much in the way of building muscle, you're fighting just to maintain. I've definitely lost some in the course of this diet, but I also know I can put it back on easily enough once the show is over.

I'm practicing my posing twice a day right now. Which most people don't understand how exhausting that can be. I hold each pose as solid as I can for a minute at a time. I break a sweat within a few poses. You are flexing every one of your muscles at the same time and trying to hold it as hard as you can so you don't lose any definition.

For example when you hit a front double bicep shot, which is the most common pose you see people do. You're flexing your biceps, flaring out your lats, holding your abs, flexing your quads, squeezing your butt, and keeping a smile on your face for the judges the whole time. This is why so much time needs to be put into practicing posing. If you can't hold these poses solid for an extended period of time, and your competition can, then you'll go flat and they'll look solid.

I'm down to 190lbs now which for those keeping score means I've lost 40lbs. in 10 weeks.

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